It seems silly to hope that the Gypsy Curse might stop fucking all the awesome fights up just because we went from 2012 to 2013. Gypsies care not for when we arbitrarily mark the end of a year. Or do they? 21 days in, and the highest profile fight we’ve lost thus far is the Dennis Siver / Cub Swanson fight for #1 featherweight contender that was supposed to go down February 16th on FUEL.

That’s pretty good, especially when I’m still waiting for Rampage to suffer an ingrown toenail and Jose Aldo to get run over by a bus. Maybe the Gypsy Curse Lady is keeping herself occupied by fucking with one specific fight:

Josh Janousek is injured and has been forced to withdraw from his UFC on Fox 6 fight with Michael Kuiper, according to UFC officials. Kuiper’s manager, Brian Butler from Sucker Punch, told on Monday that his fighter is still traveling to Chicago and the UFC is trying to find him a replacement.

That’s become a weekly effort for UFC matchmakers, as Kuiper has now gone through four scheduled opponents.

He was first slated to face Thiago Bodão then Caio Magalhaes then Buddy Roberts, and finally, Janousek. If UFC officials do find another middleweight replacement at the last minute, it would be Kuiper’s fifth scheduled opponent.

They should give Vitor Belfort a call. He’ll scream for 10 minutes about how he’d fight Jon Jones and Anderson Silva at the same time, but by the grace of Jesus a fight with Kuiper will do. Then he’ll flex so hard musclewings will explode out of his back and Jesus’s face will appear mystically in his sixpack.

Bonus Gypsy Curse stuff: A complete list of all the injuries from 2012.

*UPDATE* Kuiper is outta luck as no replacement opponent will be booked.