MMA Payout slapped some statistics together to compare how Strikeforce has been performing pre- and post-Zuffa buyout. I don’t know whether this should be surprising or not, but the promotion has been doing WORSE since the takeover:

In the midst of losing their top talent, the rough estimation is that Strikeforce has seen TV ratings dip 5%, attendance drop 32%, live gate profits down 11% and an increase of 26% in fighters payroll since Zuffa took control in March 2011.

From Showtimes point of view, the ratings are stagnant and Zuffa is (or has) impeded the ability for Strikeforce to improve upon their ratings. Showtime is drawing approximately 2.5 times more viewers with boxing programming then with Strikeforce.

On one hand, WTF. Strikeforce was doing better when it was run by an tiny overwhelmed staff on a tiny underwhelming budget. You’d think things would have picked up just by integrating Strikeforce events into Zuffa’s established and well oiled promotional machine. On the other hand, is this all that surprising? If Strikeforce was a daughter and UFC a daddy, neglect would be sending her straight to the stripper pole. Combined with Dana White’s “Not my problem” attitude towards the promotion, and I’m kinda impressed things don’t look worse.