Whenever Georges St Pierre has a fight lined up, he can duck Anderson Silva superfight queries by saying ee just want to concentrate on is currant opponant. His fight with Johny Hendricks hasn’t been officially announced yet so what’s he saying now? Dana White tells us:

“We had a good conversation,” White told reporters in a media scrum following the UFC 160 post-fight press conference (watch it here). “He 100 percent, absolutely, positively knows Weidman is going to beat Anderson Silva. No doubt in his mind that the fight with [Silva] won’t happen because Weidman is going to win. There’s no ‘what if’ for him. He absolutely, positively knows [Weidman] is going to win that fight.”

I’ve started to get a little suspicious of some of the quotes Dana White relays to us, especially when they seem to dovetail so conveniently into the UFC’s fight promotion hype. White was also the one telling us all about Georges’ hate for Nick Diaz and how Georges had plans to ‘hurt’ the Stockton fighter. Maybe St Pierre is a bit less tactful in private or White is willing to turn up the drama on any comment he hears if it means selling more wolf tickets.

True or not though, these are the kind of words that tend to piss off guys like Anderson Silva, and when I say guys like him, I mean proud Brazilians. How dare GSP declare with certainty that his friend and training partner will beat Anderson Silva? That’s a big lack of hespect, bro. Maybe after Anderson drops Chris in a minute flat, he’ll be willing to give up the post fight BBQ and meet Georges down at 170 pounds? It seems quite clear to me at this point that is the only way this superfight is gonna happen.

(pic by Jeff Cain via MMA Weekly)