After being accused of ducking VADA, Johny Hendricks has turned the tables and is now making it sound like Georges St Pierre is ducking WADA! Kieth Kizer backs up Camp Johny’s claim that GSP’s people seemed awfully concerned that WADA might test for some things GSP wasn’t prepared for – just adding to the perception that Georges has something to hide! Coming to the media relations rescue is Georges’ coach Firas Zahabi, who is now saying “VADA or WADA? WHY NOT BOTH!”
Hendricks is the second fighter to point towards his opponent’s ‘relationship’ with VADA as the reason they decided not to get in with the testing. Shane Carwin did the same thing when Roy Nelson tried to peer pressure him into extensive steroids testing – something you’d think he’d be interested in to back up his claim that his extensive steroid use (exposed in a pharmfarm lawsuit) was all prior to his MMA career. But after VADA reposted a blog entry from another site claiming ‘Shane would teach his TUF team how to use a syringe’, he had grounds for his decision.

There are some things to be concerned about regarding VADA – their relationship with BALCO roid slinger Victor Conte being a big red flag for me. Do I actually think they’d do something sketchy related to any tests? Not really. But would I bet a million bucks on it, as Hendricks basically would be by trusting VADA not to bork anything up? Eeeeh. Probably not. At least WADA has an established reputation and isn’t aggressively angling to become the big supplementary drug testing agency for big fights.

Here’s a simple solution that’s too obvious to actually happen: why doesn’t Georges do VADA and Johny do WADA? That way both guys undergo extra testing from a trusted source and we don’t end up drawing several quarts worth of blood out of them leading up to their fight. I know it sounds crazy, but it just may work.