Yes, this is yet another Georges St. Pierre post, but bear with me.

Yesterday, craptacular gossip website TMZ reported that the UFC’s reigning (but very much disputed) welterweight champ was stepping back from competition both because his dad is dying and he inadvertently knocked someone up. Now, of course this is TMZ we’re talking about, a media outlet that regularly offers up gems on Justin Bieber banging prostitutes and Kim Kardashian’s butt seeking dual citizenship – and when it comes to MMA, they infamously reported that Kimo was dead. But curiously, TMZ often gets things right too (see: anything to do with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson going for a leisurely drive to Tito Ortiz and Jenna to Mayhem Miller acting da fool).

Here’s what they said about our favorite 170-pound champ:

Now, sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Sports … Georges’ dad is dying and it’s derailed him.

And there’s this … GSP recently learned he knocked up a woman — and he doesn’t want to have a baby with her but she insists on keeping it.

After his fight on Saturday, GSP said his situation is so bad he can’t sleep — “I’m going crazy. I have issues, man. I need to relax. I need to get out for a while. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

So when Joe Rogan stuck a mic in GSP’s face on Saturday night, was the poor Canadian’s mind preoccupied by an ill father and baby-mama drama?

“Zut alors! Non!” said GSP’s sister to some Canadian news site called La Presse. At least I think that’s what she said. My French is mad rusty. (I think she also asked for expensive cigarettes, a beret, and wanted to surrender.)

Sadly, since we won’t know for sure what’s going on unless St. Pierre himself tells us, there’s only one thing to do… SPECULATE WILDLY!

Please leave your wild speculations as to what’s ailing the champ in the comments. I say he’s pregnant himself.