Fuck you, 2011. Not only were you a shitty year for me getting my dick wet, you’ve left us MMA fans with some pretty serious blue balls too. By Dave Meltzer’s count we’ve now missed out on Lesnar vs Dos Santos, Shogun vs Rashad, Rashad vs Bones (twice!), Anderson vs Chael, Chael vs Bisping, and now GSP vs Diaz. Every time that happens it’s like gearing up for Christmas only to learn three days before that Santa’s torn his MCL so no presents for anyone. Booooooooo!

Anyways, here’s a quick round-up of all the news surrounding Georges St Pierre being off UFC 137. First off, wassup for Carlos Condit? Well, Josh Koscheck offered to fight him but Dana White is gonna shelve him until Georges is ready to go. How long will that be? According to Showdown Joe, Georges’ camp says he needs 4 weeks to rehab the medial collateral ligament sprain plus another 8 week training camp.

As for Nick Diaz and BJ Penn moving up into the main event slot, there’s some interesting drama brewing there on whether the fight should be three rounds or five. The two signed on for three rounds and trained for three rounds, but here’s Nick’s manager asking for five:

If they can’t fight five rounds against each other, how are they going to fight five rounds against GSP? Dana is good with it. We’ve agreed to it. If BJ agrees to it, we’ll make it happen. These guys have to prove they are ready. These guys are fighters. BJ has always said he’s a warrior. … The old school days of MMA, back when it was NHB, they fought forever. Don’t be scared, homie. Let’s make it five rounds.

Hey, I thought Mayhem Miller owned that catchphrase since Nick totally bitched out on fighting him? And what a surprise that the triathlete’s camp would start slobbering all over the possibility of a five round BJ Penn fight. But call me old fashioned … all these recent pro wrestling callouts are fun and all but when it comes down to it these guys signed a fight contract saying three rounds, not four or five or forty-five. The last thing we wanna do is start changing that kinda stuff over some last second dick swinging.