GSP’s answer to the ‘Will you fight Anderson Silva’ question is becoming as repetitive as his Primetime specials:

“I don’t care about it at all.  I’m not thinking past Nick Diaz.  It’s a mistake everybody does, and I respect my opponent,” said St-Pierre. “I want the big fight, but the big fight for me right now is Nick Diaz.  I don’t look past Nick Diaz. All of my focus is on him.  I don’t think past him.  I don’t care about what is coming next.  For me, my life ends March 16, when I fight Nick Diaz.  It’s going to be another chapter in my career.  After is what is going to happen after, but now I’m only focusing on what is going to happen next,” he added.

Oh, you ‘want the big fight’ do you, Georges? Is that why you’ve been so evasive when you have no fight booked and then fall back on this old “I won’t look past my opponent” crap once you do? Your last chance to fight Anderson Silva is in November. That’s when Dana White gives the fight to Jon Jones and your moment to be the hero in the biggest superfight in UFC history disappears.

Meanwhile, in Nick Diaz’s brain…

“I’ve looked past every opponent to get to the number one spot the welterweight division and then I look further beyond that. If it were up to me to say, I would take the fight with Anderson Silva. I would say, ‘yeah, of course.’ I’m looking forward to the next best thing, always. The next best thing has always been to fight the number one fight.  That’s what I’ve been working for this whole time. I’ve always had that mind set.”

“If I had the option available to me, I would be honored to be in that position and would be gratefully accepting of that position or fight with the (1) 85-pound champion or the 155-pound champion. I would take either fight and I think I think could be either guy. I’d like to be the guy to win a title at both weights. I’d like to be a runner up in the pound-for-pound rankings. That’s the number one goals aside from the number one ranking in the welterweight division.”

It is worth pointing out that reckless goals and decisions like that are why Nick Diaz and Georges are in very different places in their lives. But Christ, GSP. Be a hero and take the fucking superfight. When people look back on your oh so impressive reign and say ‘But he played it pretty safe and was risk adverse’, passing on the Anderson Silva fight isn’t going to help you with that reputation.