(Yeah, I know how you feel there, buddy)

We interrupt today’s stream of Bieber / Japan related posts to bring you this somewhat important news about that UFC event that’s going down this Saturday: Georges St Pierre is out of his fight with Carlos Condit due to a knee injury. This completes the total borkitude of one of the most hyped up UFC cards of the year.

Ironically, it’s Nick Diaz that will step up into the main event slot with BJ Penn. They’ll still fight for only 3 rounds, and I assume BJ Penn is very happy about that because … well, he’s BJ Penn. He might also be happy at the possibility of making some o dat sweet PPV cheddar you get when you’re headlining an event like this.

As for odd man out Carlos Condit, it’s currently unknown if he’s off Saturday’s card, waiting until GSP gets better, or getting Rashad Evans’d.