Beleaguered welterweight king Georges St. Pierre will be holding a special media conference call today at 2:20pm EST. There’s no word yet on what the call is about, but as rumors have swirled relentlessly as to whether or not GSP will soon retire, speculation as to the nature of the call has been running rampant. What do we know for sure at this point?

  • GSP took a beating at UFC 167, retained his belt by the skin of his teeth, and seemed on the verge of announcing his retirement afterwards.
  • TMZ likes to follow St. Pierre around and ask him about baby-mama drama.
  • His dad is maybe sick, maybe not.
  • He’s pretty Canadian.
  • Dana White will also be on the call, but that could be to add profanity to what would otherwise be a rated-G conversation.

Check back here for updates as the news breaks. Yes, I will be on the call, listening intently and taking notes FOR YOU.