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While that stinker of a fight from Rory MacDonald on Saturday takes him out of the title contender conversation, that doesn’t mean we’re done harassing Rory and Georges about a potential fight sometime in the future. Before and after UFC on FOX 8, Dana White reiterated his opinion that when the title shot comes, Rory will take it:

“I don’t want to keep going against what the kid says publicly. But anybody who really believes — I’m not going to say what he and I talk about privately, but do you really believe this kid doesn’t want a shot at the title? Of course he does.

“Where he trains and where he lives, he’s in GSP’s house. He’s not going to beat his chest and talk about how he wants a shot at GSP,” White explained. “GSP would be insane to think Rory wouldn’t want a shot at him. The kid’s not here working his way up the ladder to get there and not get his shot at the title. It’s ridiculous. But he’s not going to beat his chest and scream from the rooftops when he’s living in GSP’s house.”

And then there’s the reporters who kept asking Georges about the fight in different ways, trying to coax a juicy quote out of him. This is the best they got:

“This is that hypothetical world, the reporters you guys want a story to make a conflict happening between me and Rory. It’s not going to happen. Rory and I are tight, we’re friends,” St-Pierre said. “There’s many ways of doing this.

“Maybe I might go up, maybe he might go up, there’s many other options. I have plans for my career. I cannot tell you everything, guys. There are other things. I don’t want to fight Rory.”

That last paragraph is actually pretty interesting. Everyone has been assuming that Rory would be the one who’d move up, but here’s Georges saying he might do it instead. and he has ‘plans for his career’ that he can’t talk about right now. Plans that sound more interesting than just defending his title like he has for the past 7 years. Let’s hope some of these reporter guys dig deeper on that. Y’know, between more questions about Georges fighting Rory.