(GSP would like all bullied kids to know ‘It Gets Better’)

GSP is still at least 8 months away from returning to action in the UFC, and in the meantime he’s been filling up his mandatory rest time doing some cool stuff. He’s a consultant for Square Enix’s upcoming game Sleeping Dogs, which is described as ‘a gritty open world cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.’ Sounds like GTA Hong Kong, which I can get behind.

He’s also teamed up with 888 Poker to raise money for his anti-bullying foundation. As GSP has hinted at in the past, he was bullied relentlessly during his school years, probably for being a smelly loser with a pizza face. Here’s a dramatic retelling of some of that bullying from his website:

Alone, the skinny kid walked to school as he always had. The same houses, along the same street, seeing the same trees, ditches and neighbors he’d always known in St-Isidore, a town of 2,200 people smack in the middle of nowhere.

The problem was that he couldn’t stop himself from repeatedly licking his dry lips. Round and round, over and over again, until his raw skin pealed into a red outline framing his mouth. A diminutive clown, every single day of school. They could see him coming, he said, “because I was so ugly. I was easy pickings.”

Before he could reach for the school’s front door, a group of 12-year-olds – held back three school years because of serious behavioral problems – would pounce on and strip him. Strip him of his pants, of his lunch money, and of his dignity before a laughing chorus of boys and girls. Everybody pointing fingers except for the shadows of his few true friends – other nerds, other rejects in hiding. The helpless.

Georges St-Pierre was nine years old…

I wanna know if they pantsed him or straight up took his pants. Pantsing is something most kids go through – how else can your peers let you know sweatpants in high school are a social faux-pas? The stealing of pants? Well, that’s liable to set someone on a Columbine path. Or a path to being one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport. Either or.

So I wonder when GSP is gonna tackle the rampant bullying going on in his own sport?