And you thought his toe was nasty.  Amid all the submission hubbub this weekend, Mark Hunt took to Twitter to let everyone know that his janky toe was doing just great, thanks, but the real damage he took away from the fight against Junior Dos Santos was an “infected hematoma.”  Hunt has already undergone one surgery to treat the infection and will require at least a “couple more” surgeries to clear out the rest of the…goop.  Says Hunto via tweet:

Well troops jus so u guys know I’m in hospital again jus finished surgery and need a couple more surgeries.  It is my left leg… right leg is fractured big toe lol, and left left is infected bruise lol I’m a walking infection lol

LULZ!!!1  Just your average, run of the mill, giant hole in your calf Staph infection, LMFAO!

Get well soon, Super Samoan!