Wow. According to the propaganda machine over at, Forrest Griffin *asked* to fight Shogun:

Griffin showed in his last fight with Hector Ramirez in June that he could fight a disciplined and effective three rounder. Plus, he wasn’t thrown to the wolves for this fight – he asked for “Shogun”, which means he must see something he can take advantage of on fight night.

Of course, it’s hard to take anything Thomas Gerbasi says too seriously after he calls Griffin’s performance against Hector Ramirez ‘a disciplined and effective three rounder’. I’m pretty impressed with Tom’s ability to shine any turd he’s given, but come on now!

However, if this is true, I definitely have to say it again: Forrest Griffin has some very large testicles. On the other hand, losing to Shogun Rua is definitely less humiliating than losing to a guy like Keith Jardine or Houston Alexander. Then again, if he cries in the ring again, it might make up the difference.