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(Not the interview referred to in this post but one I think you might enjoy watching anyways for reasons that will quickly become apparent)

Jason David Frank is a lot of things: the former green Power Ranger, a long time martial artist, a big beef slab of a man, and occasional MMA fighter with 1 pro and 4 ammy wins. All those came in 2010, and since then Frank hasn’t stepped into the cage again. But he still has opinions about the sport, as shared with Brazilian site UOL during a tour for the Power Rangers’ 20 year anniversary (aaargh, I’m oooold):

Why not face Anderson Silva, considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport?

“I would love to face him. I’m not going to fight to prove my worth, I just want to meet who is really good. I like Anderson Silva because his Muay Thai is some of the best. When he takes things seriously, he wins. A great fighter,” he says.

But when the dispute is between the superheroes Power Ranger and Spider, Jason changes the speech and believes in another outcome. “The Ranger wins because his super powers are the best,” he jokes.

And it deceives those who think that the next goal of the actor is part of the select group of fighters in the UFC. Jason admits he is not a fan of Dana White and how the fighters are treated. “The Hollywood industry does not care about you, they only value you if you’re on top. The UFC is like that. Every industry is like that. Dana White is terrible, it pays very poorly in the UFC.”

Damn, what is the world coming to when a guy who made a career wearing green spandex on a kids show is shit talking your sport’s pay structure? I wonder if Dana will bust in on an episode of iCarly and dispute the Power Ranger’s take on the UFC’s pay structure. I imagine he’d then diss Frank’s post-Morphin career. “How’d that work out for you, you dumb fuck?” he’d smirk.