Remember that period of time when, after a win, fighters would get their shirts slapped on, hat plopped on their head, and some schmaltzy product placed in their hand like a six year old kid being dressed and sent off to school? The UFC dialed that shit back right around the time energy drink sponsors started insisting fighters chug cans of their shit and mention their undying loyalty to Rockstar Bubbleberry XDurance Performance Energy to Joe Rogan.

But the World Series of Fighting is taking it in another direction. The promotion is giving winning fighters a Boost Mobile phone and then telling them all about Boost’s great shrinking plans during the post fight interview. How did that look? MMA Junkie described…

…the bizarre post-fight presentation of a Boost Mobile phone with “shrinking payments” to a less-than-enthusiastic Spong, who had just won an obvious decision against an intentionally overmatched opponent who he still couldn’t put away, and who was last seen on the broadcast looking down at his new phone as if to say, Wait, payments?!

No word yet on if WSOF or Boost is covering the payments or what happens if Spong watches three or four Youtube videos in Holland and racks up roaming data fees larger than his fight payday. Will that result in WSOF Ray Sefo calling him with the bill clutched in one hand and yelling at him like a dad at their irresponsible teenaged daughter?

(gif via Zombie Prophet)