The facts are thus: On Saturday night, champ Georges St. Pierre stepped into the Octagon against challenger Johny Hendricks to defend his belt for the umpteenth time. The two fought for five full rounds, with each round consisting of five minutes as mandated by the Unified Rules. After time expired, the judges – who are trained and licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission – rendered a split decision in favor on GSP, a decision which enabled him to retain the belt. Oh, and one last fact: St. Pierre took such a beating, he looked like he’d been slowly digested by a Sarlacc Pit for the last ten years and then abruptly spit out because he tasted too Canadian.

Those are the undisputed facts. However, what transpired in that cage during those 25 minutes of combat, and who truly got the better of who, has suddenly become one of the greatest, most profound mysteries of our time. Screw “who killed Kennedy?” What I want to know is, did GSP really beat Johny Hendricks?

I thought Hendricks won, plain and simple, but I only watched the fight from my living room, and was unable to see such cageside happenings as Hendricks’s eyes falling out and needing CPR between rounds. What did you think, though? Did GSP do enough to win? Or are Nevada judges just a bunch of blind drunkards? To help inform your decision, I’ve gathered some information from around the Interwebs.

  • Here’s some official-looking numbers stuff courtesy of FightMetric.

  • Here are some Twitter reactions from fighters courtesy of MMAFighting, plus Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar acting all weird.
  • Ben Fowlkes and Danny Downes said some stuff on MMAJunkie, but man, they lost me. Maybe you can decipher it.
  • Brendhan Conlan thinks Hendricks won over at FiveOunces.
  • Here’s Tim Marchman over at Deadspin crying. As usual.