People really seemed into last night’s Hendo vs Shogun match. ‘Fight of the Year’ has been thrown around, alongside ‘Fight of the Decade’ and ‘Best Fight of All Time.’ It was pretty awesome, and even Dana White agrees:

“It was the greatest fight I’ve ever seen” UFC president Dana White said of his veteran battle.

But when asked if maybe that fight would have been the perfect fight for FOX, Dana switched gears a little:

“If that fight that happened tonight went on FOX for the first time ever, let me tell you what – I would not be having a good time these last five or six days,” White said when asked him the question. “We’ve got to ease our way – look, we live in this bubble, gang. We live in this bubble that the rest of the world doesn’t live in and doesn’t understand. We’re still in an education process and educating the masses about what the sport is and what it’s all about.

“Those of us who are in this room and people who have been watching this for a long time just incredibly appreciate what those two did tonight in there, and you can understand what they went through and what’s going on. The rest of the world would go, ‘Oh my God. What was that?'”

I guess he’s got a bit of a point. You’ve got Shogun getting beaten to a pulp, bleeding all over the place. Shogun getting tired, then Hendo getting tired. Rua wailing on Henderson for the last two rounds, only to lose a decision because of the first three. I can see fans flipping out because they thought the wrong guy won.

But still … an awesome fight is an awesome fight. And why are we even playing around with this imaginary possibility? I guess you can only bitch and moan about how things would have been had Ben Henderson vs Clay Guida made the broadcast for so long. Now we’re going to wonder about how every fight would have played out on network television?