There’s a lot of people who are crediting Vitor Belfort’s latest crushing win to his use of testosterone replacement therapy. But what if his victories are coming from an even more powerful performance enhancer: the favor of God Himself??? From Combate, thrown through the Google Translator:

Me and my coaches have a very good connectivity and trained a lot this last kick in the camp (in preparation to face Michael Bisping).” Vitor said the site

“(…) This time, this kick I just trained a day in the gym, it was very little. (…). Except that I felt in the locker room. Holy Spirit spoke to my heart:” Train this kick. “then I said: “Henri (Hooft, coach of striking Blackzilians), safe for me that kick we trained?” (…) my coaches know me, and when I asked this thing they met. I’m not sure they all felt, but I felt very strong within me, as if God was speaking: “Vitor, train it there.” My life is faith. If you do not have faith, you do not get anywhere. “added Belfort, who is recognized as a religious fighter.

I’m just glad God is getting credit and not Steven Seagal.