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GLORY has been kicking K-1’s ass in the kickboxing world for the past two years. They’re signing all the fighters, grabbed a TV deal with Spike that K-1 was angling for, and now just bought a ton of K-1’s video library out from under them:

[I]t was announced today that GLORY Sports International has come to a deal with Fuji TV in Japan to acquire Fuji TV’s K-1 video library.

Now, before anyone hops on that GLORY has bought K-1 or is trying to acquire or merge K-1 with them, this deal was done through Fuji TV because of FEG’s bankruptcy. FEG’s bankruptcy essentially put this video library up on the chopping block, while GLORY saw the opportunity and swooped in. This deal includes K-1 events that aired on Fuji TV from 1993 – 2006 and brings the hours of footage under GLORY’s control up to a staggering 3,000.

I can only hope this means a 40% chance of seeing crazy oldschool kickboxing highlights when I turn Spike on at 2 in the morning.