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MMA is still illegal in New York state, but kickboxing is totally different somehow.  Zuffa’s loss is Glory’s gain, as the kickboxing promotion arrives in NYC this Saturday with an 8-man light heavyweight tournament, seven of which are top-10’ers according to Glory’s own rankings.

In the last spot is none other than #4-ranked heavyweight Tyrone Spong, who should make the 209 lb (95 kg) limit easily considering he fought at 205 in MMA.  Spong has been on a pretty good tear lately at heavyweight, but that’s not to say he’ll run right through the pack here, as he’ll have to get past the entire top-5 of light-heavies to take the crown.

Also on tap are three heavyweight “superfight” matches featuring big names like Daniel Ghita, Errol Zimmerman, and the other Anderson Silva.

The show starts live on Fight Network at 8:00 PM ET, and delayed on CBS Sports at 1:30 AM on Sunday morning (replayed at 9:00 PM).  Or you can drop 20 bones on the streaming PPV at the Glory website, or better yet, buy it via LiverKick.com and help out your local struggling fightin’ site.

Glory 9 Main Card:
HW: Rico Verhoeven (#10) vs Errol Zimmerman (#8)
LHW Quarterfinal: Tyrone Spong (#4 HW) vs Michael Duut (#4)
LHW Quarterfinal: Filip Verlinden (#2) vs Steve McKinnon (#5)
LHW Quarterfinal: Brian Collette (#8) vs Dustin Jacoby (#9)
LHW Quarterfinal: Danyo Ilunga (#1) vs Mourad Bouzidi (#3)
HW: Daniel Ghita (#3) vs Brice Guidon (#13)
HW: Anderson “Braddock” Silva (#9) vs Daniel Sam (#20)
WW: Joseph Valtelini (#8) vs Francois Ambang (#19)
MW: Mike Lemaire (#6) vs Wayne Barrett
LHW Reserve: Artem Vakhitov vs Luis Tavares (#14)
LHW Reserve: Randy Blake (#11) vs Koichi Watanabe (#10)