Try as I may, I cannot recall a situation in MMA where two fighters have faced each other five times. The reason is simple: NO ONE wants to see guys fight five times, especially when they’re both way past their primes. But, thanks to the ludicrous ONE FC rules about kicking a downed opponent, we just may be force-fed another go around of Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski.

In ONE FC, a fighter may utilize soccer kicks and head stomps (PRIDE NEVA DIE!), but only after getting the go-ahead from the referee. So in the midst of all the madness, a fighter must stop, look to the ref, get the green light from him, then commence to kick his opponent in the grill. Needless to say this is beyond ridiculous.

That precious second or two can allow the downed opponent to recover or escape while the guy who dropped him is waiting for permission to fight, or it could be that any downed opponent who remains sedentary while this process is taking place is done anyway, and kicking him in the face at that point would just be vicious, like this video of Zorobabel Moreira punting Roger Huerta in the face when it was quite clear Huerta was fried. Simply put, it’s a stupid, awkward rule that has no place in MMA. Either you allow soccer kicks and head stomps or you don’t. They’re brutal techniques that cannot be softened up.

In this GIF, courtesy of BloodyElbow, we see Arlovski drop Sylvia with a right, then kick him in the face, twice. But because he did not get permission to kick Sylvia in the face, the fight was stopped due to illegal blows after it was clear Sylvia could not continue, and a No-Contest was ruled.

In this next GIF, the two discuss the situation, and seem to come to an agreement, possibly to do it again. In hindsight, that may not be such a bad thing. Considering all the heavyweight talent in MMA is under Zuffa contract, who the hell else are these guys gonna fight?