Just because Matthew Polly said Gina Carano’s movie was like “watching Picasso put lipstick on a pig” doesn’t mean we don’t think you should see it. There must be something to like considering it’s still racking up a surprisingly fresh 82% on critic aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. Plus we’d love it if Gina’s movie outdid the twelth Underworld movie and that no talent ass clown George Lucas’ Red Tails.

If Tom Cruise can pump out terrible action movies and succeed via his charismatic smile and the subtle influence of Xenu, why not Carano? There’s no denying her It factor, and if things go well this coming weekend there’s more acting gigs ready to go. Via Sports Illustrated:

It’s nice for the sport to think that Hollywood has only borrowed her for a short while, but the reality is that Carano’s performance is engaging enough to court other offers. Carano has already been linked to a role in the forthcoming Percy Jackson & the Olympians sequel as Circe, referenced in Homer’s Odyssey as one of the most beautiful and alluring mythical goddesses of them all.

Dependent on how audiences receive Carano in Haywire (and the reviews have been largely positive), there’s also another iconic role in the wings that some will say she was born to play. Hollywood hasn’t given up on its dream to breathe life into Wonder Woman on the big screen.

So go check out Haywire this weekend. We’ve been pretty slack on supporting our MMA movies (okay, Warrior was probably the first worth seeing), and the least we can do for our favorite athletes is help them cross over into Hollywood. We really screwed the pooch by letting Shaq go after Kazaam and Steel. Let’s not make the same mistake with Gina.