It didn’t look good for her budding movie career when Gina Carano’s voice was changed in the movie “Haywire”, but evidently our favorite cute-but-sometimes-fat fighter/actress (fightress?) is pretty well liked in Hollywood. Gina impressed enough people in the 42nd-ranked Action Heroine movie since 1980 to land another leading role even though “Haywire” grossed only $18.5 million at the box office, which was probably half of Ewan McGregor’s coke-and-hooker budget for the shoot.

After rumors that Carano could be cast as Wonder Woman never led to an official announcement, the news dropped yesterday that she will be starring in “In the Blood” by director John Stockwell. The plot seems like an estrogen-charged quest for revenge, which is really the best kind of quest for revenge because it is most likely to erupt into hot sex at any point:

After making her breakthrough with the action vehicle Haywire, the MMA fighter-turned-actress is coming on board to star in In the Blood, an action thriller being directed by John Stockwell (Into the Blue, Blue Crush).

Described as being in the vein of Taken, Blood is set in motion when a husband disappears while vacationing in the Caribbean with his wife, to be played by Carano. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men whom she believes kidnapped and killed him. Bennett Yellin and James Robert Johnston wrote the script.

“This role will showcase not only Gina’s fighting skills, but also her acting abilities as her character struggles to reign in her violent past,” Stockwell tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Steven Soderbergh he is not, but John Stockwell isn’t the worst director to be paired with if you’re a nubile young lady of considerable attractiveness but questionable acting skill. Not only did John Stockwell play Cougar in Top Gun, he has also directed several chicks-in-bikinis themed movies, such as Blue Crush and Into the Blue. Stockwell also directed the Showtime series “The L Word” (okay, some would say “ran it into the ground”) for its last few seasons, which bodes very well for the prospect of hot girl-girl scissor business in this film.

Also attached to the film is writer Bennett Yellin, who is responsible for such fine work as ‘Paul Reiser Out on a Whim’ and ‘Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead.’ He’s best known though as the writer of Dumb & Dumber. Which means we might have Gina Carano stepping on rakes while chasing kidnappers and taking giant stinky dumps:

Because Haywire was good, but needed more Carano potty time. Gina will begin filming the movie in late spring or early summer, so for those of you who are hoping to see her fight again, consider your hopes dashed like Gary Goodridge’s brains.