It’s getting to be press junket time for F6st 6 Fu6iou6 6 which means Gina Carano is back in the spotlight giving us insight into her role for the film. Here she sits down with IGN to explain what makes her character ‘Riley’ tick:

I’m the Rock’s right hand woman. I’m justa kinda like the silent stoic back that he needs in the film.

So all action. No talk, just action.
Well yeah, and talk. But mostly just kinda like a very stoic uh … y’know, he needs some back. Doesn’t he? From the last one, he needs some back.

Hmmm, sounds like this is yet another movie where Gina’s voice is being pushed into the background. We all remember the raspy cigarette smoking sex operator they dubbed her over with for Haywire, but they also did something similar for her amazingly terrible movie debut ‘Ring Girls.’ And now she’s the ‘silent, stoic … uh, what’s another word for I don’t talk?’ sidekick for the Rock. What the hell is going on? She sounds normal enough during interviews. Does she tense up in front of the camera to the point where she sounds like Gilbert Gottfried or something?