Gina Carano seems more reclusive than Howard Hughes, but the Hollywood overlords that own her now clipped her fingernails and combed her hair and sent her out to the Superbowl to promote the premiere preview (yes that’s a thing now) of Fa6t 6 Furiou6 6, or ‘The Fast and the Furious, Part 6’ for you non-hip folks. You can watch that preview after the jump, and for the record it is bro-tastic. As for the fighting side of things, someone from SB Nation was at the Superbowl too and got some info regarding her status as a fighter:

“I haven’t fought in three years and right now I’m focusing on films and bringing my physicality and emotions [to the screen], that’s what my focus is, so I think that if your focus is fighting, you’re a fighter and that’s not my focus right now. You can’t say that [I’m officially done]. I wake up every morning and surprise myself, I wake up to a new me. I still train, [as recently as] two weeks ago and it felt really good because I felt free to not feel like I’m training for anything but to just train and love it again.”

Yeeeah, I’m not gonna hold my breath. Despite all the naysaying from our supportive band of MMA bloggers, it seems like Gina’s acting career is taking off. She’s got this Fast and Furious thing, a movie called In the Blood already filmed, and may or may not be appearing as Wonder Woman in the new Superman movie. That would explain how her and Superman actor Henry Cavill ended up dating. So even if she doesn’t end up having a part in the new Superman, the new Superman certainly has a part in her.

[youtube ozG6KQftTmc]