Pretty please, don’t pull a Crocop/Penn on us and retire, Gina! We love your body (when you’re at the bottom of your yo-yo weight cycle). reported today that Gina Carano will not be fighting on StrikeForce’s December 17 card, ending our hope that she would return from her August 2009 loss against Cris “Cyborg” Santos without two full calendar years passing by. Gina was cleared to train in August after a “mystery illness” forced her out of a June bout with Sarah D’Alelio; this time, no excuse has yet been proferred for the fact that she won’t be fighting.

StrikeForce general manager Scott Coker coke-teased us in numerous outlets by stating that Carano would compete in 2011; instead, she seems to be completely focusing on the fact that she’s the star of an upcoming movie featuring A-list production and actors. She ought to realize, though, that creepy obsession equals popularity equals stardom equals money. If Gina has a pre-existing, creepily obsessed fanbase whose fetish is watching her beat other girls up, she ought to indulge that fetish until a sex tape with her in it gets leaked. So for the sake of business acumen, Gina, please fight soon.