Gina Carano has officially returned to the MMA world – if not to fight then at least to promote her new movie Haywire coming out on January 20th. Ariel Helwani managed to track her down after UFC 141 and gave her a nice razzing for dumping us like a creepy mouthbreather ex-boyfriend. On how excited Ariel is for her return and what she’s been up to over the past two and a half years:

“I can’t tell if that’s excitement or bitter. Is that excitement? I’ve been … i dunno … filming a movie and … just, y’know, living life, getting to know myself a little better.”

“I’m really not that well thought through. I actually – when I decided not … y’know, after getting done the Cyborg fight I was really bummed and I went to San Diego for a while and that’s where I got the call to do the movie. And this movie has taken up really a lot of my time. I ended up starring in it so I didn’t really know how much goes into filming a movie and how much it takes to be a lead in a movie. And I soon found out. And I don’t think a lot of people really know. I kinda forgot your original question but I hope that answers a little bit of it.”

I can only imagine the months of fruitless overdubbing. “Again, Gina! Again! Okay, never mind. Get the old lady who makes the coffee to give these lines a try.”

On why she mysteriously pulled out of her June 2011 comeback fight:

“I had some personal issues. I had some personal issues so I had to take care of it. And uh … y’know. Everyone’s trying to get the answer and I hope people just let that go. I couldn’t fight.”

“Why can’t people just forget about my TANTALIZING PERSONAL SECRETS???”

As for what the future holds:

“We have a lot of opportunity and a lot of things we’re looking at. And really, I can’t wait to get on the other side of January 20th. And really just sit down and see what Gina really wants to do. It’s been a 2 year deal. And it’s given me some time with my family and a lot of time to figure a lot of things out. I’m definitely the same person, maybe a little bit more knowledge about how to be healthy and how to love myself a little bit better than I was two years ago.”

It’s hippy dippy comments like that which make me wonder if Gina spent half of 2011 crying in a closet eating fudgesicles. Speaking as someone who also did that, it gets better, girl. As for actually, oh I dunno, fighting again:

“Um … we’ll see. I dunno. I really don’t have an answer. I think after January 20th we’ll know a lot more.”

Don’t quit your day job. At least not until your new job as Action Superstar pans out.