What’s Gina Carano’s doing these days?  The new Superman, apparently.  An avid reader of FilmLedger.com was in a Reno casino recently, and happened to run into British actor Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the upcoming Man Of Steel re-reboot.  On his arm was a certain aspiring actress you may recognize, who the fan described as Cavill’s “UFC fighter girlfriend Gina Carano”.  Well the first two words in that phrase are clearly false, but I guess we can take his word for it on the “girlfriend” part.

Aside from warming the Fortress of Solitude (insert “Dong of Steel” joke here), Gina is managing to keep busy with acting lately.  She had plenty of time off after Haywire, but eventually scored a small part in Fast & Furious 6: Even More Fastererest as one of The Rock’s henchmen, and a starring role in the Taken-esque thriller In The Blood with Danny “Machete” Trejo and some dude called Cam Gigandet.  She’s also attached to an all-girl rip-off of The Expendables, but IMDB lists it as coming out in 2015, so who knows if it’ll actually get off the ground.  Surely not A-list stuff, but hey, it’s better than getting punched in the face by roided-up Brazilians of questionable gender.

Since the above photo is clearly insufficient to adequately judge Gina’s current looks, after the jump are a couple pics from her appearance at something called the 27th Anniversary Of Sports Spectacular back in May (high-res gallery HERE).

Not too shabby, right?  Perhaps not quite in Superman’s league, but at least good enough for Green Lantern or someone like that.