One and a half armed fighter Nick Newell may not have a fan in Dana White, but he’s got the support of fellow handi-capable athlete Jim Abbott, who pitched for the Yankees with only one hand.

“Watching UFC…Help me understand, in a sport where the best man wins and rules seems limited, why wouldn’t Nick Newell get a chance?” Abbott tweeted Saturday.

Newell, the XFC lightweight champion, responded: “Thank you so much for your support Jim. I’ve always looked up to you, so coming from you its extra special.”

During his windup, Abbot would put his mitt on the end of his right forearm. Once the ball was released, he would quickly put his left hand into the mitt to field potential comebackers. If a ball ever did get hit to him, he’d slip his left hand out of the mitt, remove the ball and throw to the necessary base. Teams tried to exploit the supposed weakness by bunting against him, but it rarely worked.

Wow, what cunts baseball players are. Then again, I guess when some skilled striker figures out exactly how to wing punches right over Nick Newell’s stump, everyone will be copying that technique too. But this ain’t baseball. Newell will still have all sorts of opportunities to kick, wrestle, and jiu jitsu the fuck out of his opponents. Let’s hope a few more wins and he gets his chance to prove it in the UFC.