Former Montreal MMA kingpin Stephane Patry has an article up at RDS (the French TSN, which is the Canadian ESPN) where he claims GSP revealed to him ‘Le plan secret’ for the remaining years of his career. Full translation here, but here’s the part we all care about – aka the Anderson Silva part:

But what is the 3rd chapter of the plan drawn up by Georges St-Pierre himself? Yep, you guessed it – it is Anderson Silva. Stop believing he does not want to face Silva, Georges dreams of the clash. He dreams to retire at the peak of his glory in being recognized as a legend, as the greatest fighter of all time. And to do that, it must be considered the best fighter on the planet “pound for pound” … Why not super fight now? Because George has a well-established plan for the rest of his career, and he will follow it to the letter. There are now many stars to align so that the plan remains perfect … He must defeat Nick Diaz on Saturday night, defend his title once more against the winner of Condit-Hendricks, and then prepare for a clash of the titans…

Speaking of stars, they must also align to Silva, who must defeat Chris Weidman.

This scenario is so dreamed of, and so well planned, that I feel that the stars will align for the third and final chapter. George turns 32 next May, and this dream fight could take place in late 2013 or early 2014. And what will happen there in the future? If Georges wins during the clash against Anderson Silva, I strongly feel he will retire in glory, like all great athletes have always dreamed of doing. If the game plan is really to perfection, he will retire being recognized as the greatest athlete in the history of mixed martial arts.

Well, it’s nice to know Georges (allegedly) recognizes he needs to beat Anderson Silva if he wants consideration as one of the best mixed martial artists of all time. A great championship streak ain’t enough … just look at what hindsight is already doing to guys like Frank Shamrock and Fedor Emelianenko. They may be the best of their time but as the skill of MMA fighters continues to rise, they’re going to continue to slide down the all time rankings. At this point, if you want a chance at eternal glory you gotta beat the sport’s Muhammad Ali, and that’s Anderson Silva.