You know how Greg Jackson takes shit from everyone on Sherdog whenever one of his fighters puts on a conservative fight? The same thing happens to Firas Zahabi regularly since Georges St Pierre has turned into a wrestlefucker under his tutelage and Miguel Torres … I don’t even know what to say about Miguel Torres any more. If the Firas method was making him better it’d be one thing, but it’s clearly not. Whodathunk taking a brawler and trying to turn him into something he’s not could go so horribly wrong?

Also on Firas’ list of crimes real or imagined is the lack of GSP / Anderson Silva superfight. Every time he’s asked, Georges says he’ll defer to his coach, and his coach says it would mean a year off plus a one way ticket to 185. That’s when Firas isn’t talking about Georges dropping down to 155. So imagine my surprise when I read this quote from Zahabi:

“Georges St-Pierre told me he wants (to fight Anderson Silva). But right now he has to get back on the horse and fight Carlos Condit and be champion again. He needs to keep focused. (If the Silva fight happens) ideally I’d like a catch weight. I think it’d be more fair. If you fight at a catch weight, Silva won’t be 20 pounds heavier. 177 or 178 pounds is much more fair.”

All right! Now we’re cooking. Just for reference, Anderson Silva is totally on board with that catchweight business. And it sounds like the UFC is finally ready to shell out whatever big bucks are neccessary for one of their golden boys to accept a loss on their record. After a year of hearing big name fighters dodge duck dip dive and dodge big fights, this glimmer of hope is like a big soothing gob of Preparation H on my pulsating red hemorrhoids. Georges St Pierre! Versus Anderson Silva! Maybe possibly! Squeeeeeeeee!