Since UFC 129, the big speculation has been that Georges St Pierre’s next opponent will be Nick Diaz. Sure, there’s some hurdles to that fight … like the fact that Nick is a Strikeforce fighter and Showtime has some sort of shackle on him. But a hurdle is easier than the high jump that is Anderson Silva vs GSP, and who the hell else would Georges fight but one of those two guys? MMA Weekly is claiming the fight is practically a done deal:

Nick Diaz is likely to face St-Pierre for his next UFC welterweight title defense in 2011, with all signs pointing towards a December showdown in Montreal.

Sources have indicated to that a deal is imminent and the fight could be announced as early as next week. Like any potential deal, there is always the chance something could change at the 11th hour, but St-Pierre vs. Diaz is almost a certainty at this point.

Poor UFC. Every so often they pull a fast one over on us by announcing out of the blue that they bought Strikeforce or some pimp ass fighter insurance, but 99% of the time they don’t get to announce their own shit. Possibly hoping to save the media pop to help promote UFC 130, Dana White went on the Underground Forums to semi-deny the fight:

None of that ‘business as usual, Nick is a Strikeforce fighter’ stuff. Just the fact that Diaz hasn’t signed on the dotted line. Yet. Knowing Nick Diaz though, this is a legitimate concern. He could accidentally use half the contract for joint filters. He could be holding out for an unreasonable amount of money. He could still be unreasonably set on boxing. There’s really no end to the list of unreasonable reasons when it comes to Diaz. So I wouldn’t count our Strikeforce / UFC superfight before it hatches.

If that bums you out, here’s a more hopeful view of how things will shake up from Sportsnet’s best Dana White lookalike, Showdown Joe:

On average, a season of TUF lasts approximately 12-13 weeks. That would place the season finale on Dec. 3. The aforementioned rumoured date for UFC 140 is one week later

If history has shown us anything, it’s that the coaches on TUF will usually face one another, seven days from the show’s live finale, as part of the main event.

Now, of course, this is simply food for thought. It’s not to say it will happen or that it’s even under discussion. I simply sat back and said, “wait a second”, and did the math.

I have my doubts that the UFC would have agreements with guys like GSP and Diaz in their back pocket, but then again it would have been stupid of them to put all their eggs in one basket, especially the Chael Sonnen basket. Eugh, that’s the second egg expression in one post. Just to bring it up to three, guess who’s laying an egg over all this Diaz / GSP stuff:

Fitch, who for a long time has been considered the top contender to Georges St. Pierre’s UFC welterweight belt, made several Twitter comments about Diaz as he railed against the prospect of the Strikeforce champion being offered a fight against St. Pierre.

“Diaz got title cause Sheilds vacated the belt. Paper champ,” he posted – (erroneously, as it happens, because Shields vacated the Strikeforce middleweight belt while Diaz fought Marius Zaromskis for the inaugural welterweight title last year.)

He followed that with some more posts: “Let’s see Shields vs. Diaz for number one contender while I’m hurt” and then one at his American Kickboxing Academy team mate Mike Swick, “You know it’s bullshit buddy. Who else should fight the Frenchie other than me? For realz.”

Uuuuuuh, how about the champion from another organization who has the tools to make things a fight against GSP? But no, Jon Fitch is right. If he can’t fight Georges St Pierre next (even though he’s coming off a draw and hasn’t shown any improvement since his last GSP shellacking), then no one should. Fitch is completely in touch with the common MMA fan here. His stunning understanding of what people want can be seen in other declarations:

  • “Fuck the Avengers movie, people want Aquaman”
  • “Barack Obama should step aside so Hillary can run in 2012”
  • “Dry humping is way better than penetration”