Nick Diaz conspiracy theorists got themselves into a froth last week after Georges St Pierre seemed to admit he was nearly half a pound overweight when he stepped on the scales for UFC 158. A heavy GSP fed into the idea that the Quebec commission had changed the rules last second to help their local guy, allowing any decimal point to be rounded down. But it turns out the people at Le Presse that reported all this messed up Georges’ quote. Here’s what was originally reported:

Celui-ci a dit ne pas être certain de son poids exact, mais il croit que celui-ci s’est élevé à 170,4 livres. La Régie a donc arrondi à 170 livres, la limite prescrite pour le combat qui a eu lieu le 16 mars. // St-Pierre couldn’t remember the exact number but stated that even if he weighed 170.4 that Friday afternoon in Montreal the additional weight was not counted, and he was announced as weighing 170 pounds.

And here’s what Georges actually said:

It’s true that it was special before the weight in, even I was surprised, because the scale they used was an electric scale, you know, not the one with a weight that aren’t electric. And they said they didn’t count the decimals, even I was surprised. I was as surprised as Nick Diaz, I didn’t know. They came to see me, they came to see Nick Diaz and said they didn’t count the decimals. They said they were rounding down the decimal. If it was 170.4, they were rounding down to 170.

So it turns out that 170.4 number was just a hypothetical and not St Pierre’s actual weight at all. I guess that means Nick’s lawyer won’t be able to somehow use that to force the UFC to grant his client an immediate rematch. Which is too bad, because I know that was something everyone was really interested in seeing, especially considering how well Diaz did the last time.

(pic by Jeff Cain via MMA Weekly)