You don’t have to try all that hard to make UFC fighter pay look kinda shitty. Just check out this list from MMA Sentinel entitled “5 WTF Facts About UFC Fighter Pay”:

[1] Did you know the worst bench warmer on the worst Women’s NBA team makes double what the average entry-level UFC fighter does?

[2] How about this, there was a UFC event in 2013 in which, apparently, the highest guaranteed pay on the card was $30k/$30k.

[3] Did you know, a fighter received only $12,000 in disclosed pay while fighting for a title and main-eventing a Pay-Per-View, this year?

[4] The median average wage for a top 15 fighter in the UFC is just $30,500 per year.

[5] Floyd Mayweather, in the 12 months between summer 2011 and summer 2012, made approximately four times more in guaranteed salary than the entire UFC roster combined. He fought twice.

Yeah, a lot of this stuff is apples and oranges. But it certainly makes the UFC’s apples look pretty fucking awful.