Everyone seems to be flipping out about how badly the sport of MMA came off during UFC 100. Between Dan Henderson giving Michael Bisping an extra tap on the chin during their fight to Brock Lesnar snarling and roaring at the camera like a caged beast before specifically dissing the UFC biggest sponsor, it was not exactly the most inspirational night of professionalism or sports heroics ever.

Still, before you ask “WHAT WILL THE MAINSTREAM THINK???” ask yourself why you give so much of a shit. Obviously everyone wants the sport to get bigger. But it seems to me like half the people out there are so eager for things to get big that they’re willing to pretend the sport is something it’s not to justify our being there. Let’s keep it straight: late punches are nothing new and they’re going to keep happening so long as refs are a few steps too slow to stop them. And Brock Lesnar is hardly the first flaming douchebag to go super saiyan in the cage.

If being mainstream means cracking down on these kinds of things plus 1000 other nitpicks that keep us from sitting at the adults table, then I’m not really interested. The level of blandurization (yes I did invent that word) we’d have to go through to magically propel ourselves into the good graces of people that give a shit about fighters shoving eachother at weigh-ins or Dana White saying ‘fuck’ would pussify the sport to a degree where it’d suck bigtime.

Everyone is so hypersensitive because this was UFC 100 and everyone was watching. But how can you argue that what went on at this event was so bad when so many other horrible things have gone on over the past year? We’re fucking LUCKY that the mainstream isn’t paying attention, because they’re dicks and they’d probably slit the sport’s throat the same way they did with cycling.

Lemme tell you what, it was almost cute to see pregger-punching Todd Beard step down from Affliction once his sins were revealed. The UFC understands that you can just keep your head down and things will eventually blow over. But in a world where the mainstream sporting world actually paid attention, how do you think our greasing, cop punching, interview humping, steroid taking, drunk driving, late punching, standgating, arm breaking sport is going to fare? Not fucking well.

So how about instead of sucking every ounce of drama and controversy out of the sport in an attempt to appeal to the groups that don’t give a shit, we instead accept the reality that MMA might never get the attention it deserves from that nebulous ‘mainstream’ so long as the ‘mainstream’ is controlled by twats. That way we can take care of any specific real issues in a sane and rational manner rather than just bitch and moan about how far this fighter or that show set the sport back.