Antonio Inoki is bringing back his Inoki-Bom-Ba-Ye New Years Eve event, and not only will it be featured on Fuji TV in Japan, it will feature a number of interesting (read: freaky) MMA fights.

5 bouts have been announced for the card thus far and three of them are IGF MMA rules fights. Mirko Cro Cop will take on former-Sumo-Wrestler-turned-Pro-Wrestler Shinichi Suzukawa, Olympic Judo gold medalist Satoshi Ishii will battle former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia, and “Real Pro-Wrestler” Minowaman will face Slovenian MMA fighter Bor Bratovz.

As for Puroresu, the legendary Kazuyuki Fujita will take on Olympic Judo silver medalist Naoya Ogawa and K-1 legend Ray Sefo will team up with fellow K-1 fighter Hiromi Amada to face Pro-Wrestlers Atsushi Sawada and Hideki Suzuki in a Tag Team bout.

While Bor Bratovz is no shit-packed Mariusz Pudzianowski looking motherfucker, he’s still a pretty dynamic and exciting knockout artist and a stiffer test for Minowa than his typical NYE super-heavyweight fare. You can check out a highlight of him taking care of business here.

I don’t know what it says about me as an MMA fan, but I am now just as excited for this event than I am for GLORY and DREAM’s same old same old NYE rehashing. If Inoki-Bom-Ba-Ye adds a couple more intriguing freakshow matches, they may just run away with the designation as THE combat sports NYE event in Japan to watch. Better be quick about it, though … New Years Eve is only 10 days away!