(Since we missed last night’s p0wntown, here’s Frank getting KO’d by Robbie Lawlor)

When allegations arose that Frank Trigg choked the shit out of his ex-wife, Frank went on the MMA Hour to defend himself from the charges. “I’ve never been arrested, I’ve never been picked up, I’ve never been convicted of anything ever in my life other than a speeding ticket,” he said. “That’s the only thing I’ve ever been convicted of. That’s it. So I don’t know where this other stuff is coming from.” Well, he can’t say that any more:

“Former Pride and UFC fighter Franklin Dewey Trigg III was arrested Wednesday on charges of battery resulting from an alleged domestic violence altercation that occurred back in October 2011. ProMMAnow.com has confirmed with law enforcement Trigg is being held at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas on a $15,000 bond and is awaiting an Aug. 10 court date.”

The wheels of justice, they turn slowly. I dunno what the big hold up was. Frank’s ex had strangle bruises so severe you could probably pull prints off them.