After spending half a year trying to bulk up so he can compete with the giants cutting down to the 265 pound heavyweight limit, Frank Mir says he’s considering a move down to 205:

“Right now I have a couple months off, so I’ve actually been toying with the idea of maybe going down a weight class. Since I don’t have a fight for a couple months, I’ve just been watching what I eat and see what my natural weight will fall now at now, since I have lifted a lot lately to add size,” he said to MMA Figures.

“I’m kind of curious where I think I would fall at. Because some of the guys I train with that are light-heavyweight, and our bone structures are the same. Sometimes I stand next to Forrest Griffin and I think I’m in the wrong weight class.”

A lot of light heavyweights sit around 235 pounds. Frank has spent most of his career floating around 250, going as low as 245 for UFC 100. After doing a shitload of weights and what I have to assume was a shit ton of eating, he got himself up to 265, before learning the difference between a real 265 pounds (ie Shane Carwin) and a fake 265 pounds (Frank Mir). It sounds to me like Frank is one of those poor bastards that’d really benefit from a cruiserweight division. Since that ain’t happening, here’s hoping he figures out if he wants to be heavy or light in the heavyweight division before it costs him more losses, because I can’t see him getting down to 205.