There’s one obvious reason why the Jackson camp is so successful: there is nothing to do in Albuquerque.   While generally a terrible place for meaningful human life, Frank Mir has decided that’s exactly where he needs to go to prepare for Daniel Cormier’s UFC debut.   Here’s Mir talking to ESPN:

“I’ve always felt I have great trainers so there was no reason to leave, but my wife and I were talking about how I needed to change things up,” Mir told “One of the things was maybe I should get out of town and get more focused.

“I’ve always been impressed with Greg Jackson’s game planning. I figured, before I retire, I want to be a part of that and see what makes this guy so successful.”

Mir also brought up Cormier’s “I’ll allow it but you’re being an asshole” speech at the last Strikeforce event when he said he was going to drop to 205 and beat Jon Jones ten seconds after asking for a fight with Frank Mir, calling Cormier’s commitment to the fight into question.

“I think it’s going to be another one of those things where people are destined to be disappointed. After our fight, he’s already said he’s going to 205 pounds. That doesn’t sound like a confident guy who wants to stay at heavyweight.”

“Level of competition is important,” Mir said. “He’s done most of his damage in Strikeforce. Not to downplay Strikeforce, but it’s not the UFC.”

Not to downplay the UFC, but Strikeforce fighters have gone 3-0 since coming into the fold. It’s hard to tell how well Cormier is going to transition, but this is a really important fight for him because he hasn’t really fought a grappler like Mir yet.  With Greg Jackson and his infamous gameplans in the picture, Mir’s going to have a clearer idea of what he should be doing and that’s going to be crucial against Cormier’s strategy, which I guarantee is just an iPhone note reading “29-28.”