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Brock Lesner has been retired from the UFC (and MMA) for over a year, but there’s still one guy who can’t get the former UFC heavyweight champion out of his head and that’s Frank Mir. For whatever the reason the ghost of Lesner still haunts Mir to this day (it may be the reoccurring images of what can only be described as “Hamburger Helper face” from the UFC 100 beating he took at the hands of Brock), and on UFC Tonight’s “Fighter’s Cut” Mir took another opportunity to throw a parting shot at the former UFC champion.

While Lesner has always been an easy target for many, Mir took an unusual rout when dumping a little Haterade on the head of the former heavyweight.

“It’s funny how things it you: I was like I know why he got the tattoo. It was to take everyone’s mind off the fact he has boobs. You know they kind of hang, when he jumps they bounce up and down. So I thought, I was like, oh, it’s a diversion. Look at my dumb tattoo so you keep your mind off my very feminine chest muscles.”

Let’s keep in mind that Mir’s train of thought was occurring simultaneously with him stepping into the cage to fight Lesner at UFC 81 (that wouldn’t have been my first thought climbing into the Octagon with that monster). Maybe Mir’s still really pissed about the UFC 100 loss, perhaps he’s angry that he never got the chance to fight Lesner before he retired, or maybe it just boils down to the fact that he’s comparing Lesner to Meatloaf’s character Bob Paulson. Whatever the case he’s clearly fascinated with Lesner’s moobs.