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    Well, 2010 is coming to a close. It was a very good MMA year with some crap but overall it was very good.

    Someone once told me that if you are looking behind you and the past, you are not looking ahead at what’s coming. With that in mind I invite you all to yank out that crystal ball (not the plastic anal beed that broke off and stayed up your ass) and play fortune teller.

    Lets lay down everyones earth shattering predictions so we brag about it later. Here are a bunch of mine.

    Overeem fights only once in Strikeforce.

    Diaz looses to someone. Maybe Daley

    Fedor looses a second time and retires.

    CBS pulls the plug on the Strikeforce deal.

    Brock fights 3 times, loosing the last of those and hangs up the gloves.

    Chuck Liddel fights one last time and looses VIA death.

    Tito looses. Again. This time though he says he came into the fight a broken hand, a cracked jaw and gonorrhea. The only fight he finds outside the UFC is against Keith Jardine.

    MMA is legalized in New York.

    GSP announces he is moving up to Middleweight and we all become giddy like little girls.

    Susan Boyle sues Subo over his name.

    I convince Dana White to grow a mustache.




    In 2011 people will learn the difference between the word lose and loose.

    from this place

    Loose vs Lose

    The words loose and lose are mixed up in writing; for some reason, many people write loose when they really mean lose. But there’s no reason to lose your mind worrying about this, just lose the extra o!


    Loose is an adjective, the opposite of tight or contained.

    My shoes are loose

    I have a loose tooth

    There’s a dog running loose in the street


    Lose is a verb that means to suffer the loss of, to miss.

    I win! You lose!

    Don’t lose your keys

    I never lose bets

    The Bottom Line

    Simple carelessness leads people to write loose when they mean lose. Just remember that lose has one o, and loose has two. Start with loose, lose an o, and what do you get? Lose!



    English is my second language, gimme a break. I’ll run circles around you in French.



    it’s one of the things i hate seen being spelled wrong, other than that i don’t care what other grammatical errors there are…

    My predictions for 2011

    The UFC hires 30 octagon girls that are put on auction at each UFC event. Sort of like hookers but in between sex breaks she walks around you holding up a round card.

    Scott Coker shoots himself where his face is coming out his stupid head during a press conference no one bothers to show up for.

    Brock Lesnar develops Karo Paroysian disease and becomes an even bigger pussy.

    Fedor loses to Bigfoot. Bad.

    Dynamte holds another NYE show featuring pretty much the same people from this years NYE show.

    MMAjunkie and Bloodyelbow, having absolutely no humor or ounce of humility gets lured by Lesnar.Hadikon and anally rapes them. He also sucks Kidnates small dick.

    Fightlinker will roll out another new design, but makes things worse and takes away the forums. They also appoint Roxy as the new leader and from then on Jackals are required to wear tampons. Properly.

    Subo is the only Jackal left because he already wears tampons.



    We’ve wanted, so that our kids, to have spoke, just as good of english, as we done.


    Overeem fights only once in Strikeforce…. definately

    Diaz looses to someone. Maybe Daley… god I hope so

    Fedor looses a second time and retires…. more likely he would lose and M-1 goes bankrupt. He fights in the UFC once in 2012 and loses then retires.

    now mine:

    Strikeforce puts on no cbs events and showtime starts to lose interest.

    bellator on mtv2 becomes a big success much like TUF was only to become lame in 2012

    Brock leaves the UFC and fights cans in japan in MMA/Wrestling fights only to come back saying how he hates “yellow people”

    Josh Thomson comes out of the closet and has gay sex with nick ring in a cage, not the octagon but an actual cage.

    overeem and werdum fight in his only strikeforce fight and overeem loses.

    people realize that japanese fighters kinda suck and the UFC stops hiring them.

    Anderson Silva finally loses to Sonnen and retires to become a full time child molester/micheal jackson impersonator.

    Matt Mitrione fights JDS for the championship because there is no one else to fight

    shark fights and shine fights merge in to shiny shark fights, DREAM makes a soup out of it

    site related

    Subo leaves the all the gay sites he is on and actually makes post people like.

    Ryan and Jake make a trip to america and people finally meet them


    We’ve wanted, so that our kids, to have spoke, just as good of english, as we done.

    You actually made me blow tea out my nose you little schmuck. Bravo.



    “shark fights and shine fights merge in to shiny shark fights, DREAM makes a soup out of it”

    I laughed. :(



    Here. We. Go.

    1) Brock walks away from fighting.
    2) Subo gets caught in a sting on “To Catch A Pre-Dater”.
    3) Another year goes by & no legal MMA in the Big Apple
    4) I expose myself on the web & all the Jackals fall for me.
    5) GSP & Andy fight late in 2011…..GSP takes a 25 minute nap on Andy. Everyone realizes how stupid the idea was.
    6) After Vera crushes Thiago, he finally reaches his potential, setting himself up as a contender later this year!!
    7) Fightlinker remains stagnant except for 1 new star writer…..PHOENIX.
    8) Sakuraba is signed to a 1 fight deal….against Couture!! Sakuraba’s wife takes out a 40 trillion dollar life insurance policy.
    9) KenFlo earns another crack @ the belt & beats EDGAR to win the title.
    10) After losing his legs in a horrific pasta incident, Serra drops to lightweight & wins the belt via fluke ear punch. He & Kyle Maynard tour the country doing motivational lectures.



    Anderson Silva loses his belt to Yushin Okami.
    Rashad beats Shogun.
    Gray Maynard gives everyone fifteen 10-9 rounds to cry about.
    Barnett doesn’t fight for Strikeforce.
    Brock comes back and wins at least one fight.
    Carwin comes back and wins at least one fight.
    Cro Cop continues to suck.



    Kyle Maynard and Matt Serra are about the same height.



    7) Fightlinker remains stagnant except for 1 new star writer…..PHOENIX.



    Brock comes back and wins at least one fight.
    Carwin comes back and wins at least one fight.

    bet it will be the same fight… carwin gasses right as brock verbally taps ala maynard vs emerson



    GSP defends his title 2 times
    Shogun beats Rashad
    Brock loses his only match
    Balco Carwin gets a title shot
    Allistair Overeem defends his title oine time (against Lashley)
    Subo fulfill his dream and becomes a staff writer on Bloodyelbow (he´s still without a paying job)
    UFC in Toronto will be a great card
    No MMA in New York
    Strikeforce puts together the HW Grand Prix
    Jon Jones will get a title shot



    Fedor/M-1 renegotiates his contract after his next fight, win or lose.

    Strikeforce HW tourney = NO.

    Jerry Millen gets AIDS. WAMMA resurrected? (no relation)

    Shinya Aoki to the UFC and the fans hate him because of his style. And they will laugh when he cries.

    Yes, this is the last year for Brock.

    JDS holds the belt through 2012.

    BJ is LW champ again.

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