When Forrest Griffin went from a pretty winable fight against Chael Sonnen to being fed to future contender Phil Davis, a lot of people wondered if maybe Forrest had pissed in Joe Silva’s cornflakes or something. But according to Vitor Belfort, Griffin got to choose his own adventure:

“I met with Forrest and he told me that [they] volunteered a list of six names and mine was the first,” Belfort told Brazilian news outlet UOL Esporte. “He said he would face any of them except me. It’s good to have this kind of recognition. I am here to serve the company.”

Griffin and Belfort have trained together at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas in the past, which may have led to Griffin’s unwillingness to take the fight.

What kind of list did they put in front of Forrest where his first choice was Phil Davis? That’s like being offered various types of death sentences and picking The Braveheart.