Oh, Florida.

Instead of using their words to fight eachother, two Florida mayors have decided to let fists fly in the spirit of charity.

Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi and Hialeah mayor Carlos Hernandez have decided to solve a disagreement in the cage.

“This is what happens when two middle-aged men meet and have dinner and talk about who was tougher in their childhoods,” Pizzi said

Over the course of their dinner discussion the self proclaimed “Brooklyn Brawler” Pizzi told Hernandez about his reputation as a fighter when he was younger.

“At heart I am a middle-class street kid,” Pizzi said. “In my neighborhood, I used to box at the YMCA and I used to get into two or three fights on the way to school. I came from a tough neighborhood.”

Hernandez has been involved with martial arts since he was a teen, and currently works out with his 13-year old son who is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

Uh oh, sounds like Pizzi is stepping into the cage against someone who might have more than just a little BJJ experience.

This is actually a shockingly civil situation for Florida. The mayors aren’t really beefing and all proceeds go to the children’s charity of the winner’s choice. Nary a mention of meth or bath salts to be found!