From an article entitled ‘Man charged in brawl has MMA background’

The nickname “Heavy Hitter” might stick for a while.

But after four consecutive losses and a fight with five police officers and a dog, James “The Unbreakable Heavy Hitter” Warfield might need to drop “Unbreakable” from his moniker.

Warfield, 34, is a mixed martial artist with a 22-11 career fighting record at events around the Midwest, according to his profile on the Mixed Martial Arts news website

Warfield, who lost his last four fights, is scheduled to fight June 30 in Coral Gables, Fla., according to the website.

Police were called to the restaurant after a manager reported Warfield had thrown a large rock through a window, according to police reports. Almost immediately after police arrived, Warfield punched one officer in the face, causing him to fall so hard his head bounced off the pavement, according to witnesses.

As police tried to arrest Warfield, he continued punching and kicking. He pulled loose from the charge of one Taser and avoided three others, according to the criminal complaint.

Warfield maintained a boxing stance while officers used batons and pepper spray on him. He also fought off Hardy, one of Janesville Police Department’s German shepherds. Warfield kicked and punched the dog in the face and body, according to the criminal complaint.

The fifth Taser shot, deployed by the fifth officer to arrive on the scene, dropped Warfield as he was walking against traffic on Milton Avenue.

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