We didn’t get a lot of time to talk about it on our radio show, but I am fucking hyped for Spencer Fisher vs Sam Stout. You may not be too familiar with these guys, but all you really need to know is they’re both strikers who love to throw.
While some hardcore fans are complaining that the UFC needs to start putting ‘bigger’ fights on their UFN cards, I disagree. Past being a guaranteed slugfest, the other reason this fight will rule is that both of these guys are aggressive and hungry. Sam Stout chases guys down relentlessly. Spencer Fisher is one of my favorite fighters because he never quits. With both guys coming off UFC losses, they know they need to impress the brass in order to get back into lightweight contention.

There’s nothing better than seeing hungry up and comers with something to prove battling eachother. There’ll be no Arlovski or Sylvia bullshit going on with guys trying to win on the scorecards. No holding back for fear of making a mistake. These guys are gonna go at it full tilt, and they’re going to make new fans of every casual viewer who’s tuned in at the time. And *that* is what Ultimate Fight Night should be about.