I guess the guys at THQ have moved their marketing monkeys off UFC Undisputed 3, so we can’t rely on them for an oh so accurate prediction of what happens when Junior Dos Santos squares off against Frank Mir. That leaves the simulatin’ job up to FightMetric:

FightMetric is proud to introduce the most advanced MMA simulation engine ever developed.

The MATUA model harnesses the power of FightMetric’s deep database of statistics to simulate a match based on the two fighters’ past statistical performance. The simulation is run 10,000 times to reduce random chance and then produces the number of simulations in which each fighter won, by what method, and in which round.

The resulting MATch Up Analysis, or MATUA, while not a true prognostication tool, produces a statistical view of upcoming fights that may see things that our eyes do not.

Fightmetric is already providing stats to the UFC and also has it’s magic formula for determining who won after the fact. This prediction thing is bold new step forward, and at this pace in five years the Precogs will simply deliver the championship belt to the winner before the fight even happens.