So as those who read the jackal-only journal have known for a while, I gots me a new part-time job: I write the “MMA Under the Bleachers” column for Fox Sports. Here’s how it works: the Bleacher Report operates similar to Bloody Elbow’s FanPosts: you the reader get to post whatever you want on a site with a large amount of traffic.

Every weekday until I get fired, I’ll be linking to some of the best stuff from the Bleacher Report’s MMA section in my standard smart-ass style. You won’t hear any shit fuck cunting from me over there, but hopefully I can still be somewhat entertaining without using four letter words.

So whenever you’re in FoxSports’ MMA section and you see an ‘Under the Bleachers’ article, that’s me! I’ll probably start throwing up direct links to them soon, just because it’d be nice if the whole thing gets popular. Corporate sugar daddies make me happy (CagePotato has it figured out), and getting paid to do stuff like this means I can spend less time crying over my dogfood dinner and more time making vile content here at

Oh, this isn’t the big March 1st announcement we were mentioning yesterday.