It’s been a while since we’ve done an inter-site shame bet, mainly because other MMA websites have learned rather quickly that putting an eyebrow on the line is dangerous stuff indeed. Past victims have included Bloody Elbow’s Michael Fagan and one of the six Bens from Cage Potato. Now Jeremy Lambert from our Rebellion Media sister site Five Ounces of Pain has stepped up to the plate for a good ol fashioned UFC 135 pick’em battle:

Fightlinker laid down the challenge a couple of weeks ago, and as the resident fight analyst here at 5OZ, I of course accepted. I actually hesitated to accept, because I thought it was some kind of joke. I thought Ashton Kutcher was Punk’n me. Have they seen my record? Of course they haven’t. Because I don’t keep track of it. Seriously though, I thought, “the audacity of these people to challenge me to a pick em.” I laughed it off and didn’t give it a second thought. Then I got pressure from the powers that be to accept the challenge and the folks at Fightlinker thought I was scared. SCARED!?!?! I was scared for them. I didn’t want to embarrass them.

Oh don’t worry, Mr Lambert. We’ve lost several of these bets already, and are well beyond petty feelings of shame or embarassment. In fact, the most difficult part of setting up these kinds of bets is finding something you poor bastards will agree to. As always, we turn now to the jackals for their suggestions. Hopefully several of them will not blind / cripple / maim the person who loses, and we can do one of those. Thus far from the 5oz readers we have:

  • Loser gets a tattoo. I’m satisfied with a tiny ‘FL’ or ‘5oz’ somewhere on Jeremy’s body. Now that’s OWNING someone 😉
  • Loser poses in a Dennis Hallman speedo for the ‘enjoyment’ of the internet
  • Loser has to give winner all their scoops (lol … Fightlinker scoops hahaha)
  • Rocky Mountain beer shower

So let’s hear what you guys have in mind. It’s always fun when someone accepts a bet before terms are locked in on what they have to do if they lose.