Best Title Fight of the Year: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson. I dunno if it’s the best light heavyweight fight in the history of the UFC (that’d require a little dusting off of some DVDs to conclude), but it was certainly a great match and a treat to see a gutsy contender like Gustafsson take the fight to Jones. Even as Jones returned fire with endless head kicks and spinning elbows, Alexander refused to back down and continued slug it out. All most people expected was for him to make it a little competitive and instead he almost took the belt off the champ – through talent and grit, not champion tomfoolery.

Best Reason to Still Hate Jon Jones: It’s a tie between all those kicks to the knee (who does that? Assholes, that’s who) and Jon congratulating himself for his warrior spirit over and over again during his post fight interview. Then there’s more obnoxious God talk, although that only annoys me because I’m a Satanist. You can also hate Jones for simply winning. Fuck him for that.

Best Rationalization for Jones Taking It:  If you’re going to be honest about the scorecards on this fight, Gustafsson locked up round 1 while Jones definitely took rounds 4 and 5. Rounds 2 and 3 were close enough that you couldn’t fault the judges for going either way. Because of this you can’t really call it a robbery. You can’t even freak out too much at the judge who gave Jones the 49-46 decision. Gustafsson came out and took the fight to Jones but only really put a stamp on a single round. Next time, I’m sure he won’t make the same mistake.

Best Performance by a Canadian: Mitch Gagnon. We Canadians don’t have a whole lot to celebrate from this card. It’s going to be a long while before people write articles suggesting fighters think twice before agreeing to fight a Canadian in Canada a la the Brazilians. But Mitch Gagnon showed what a fired up Canuck coming back from a long layoff can do. Sure, it was against Some Guy. But it was still entertaining as hell and I ain’t gonna sleep on Gagnon’s next fight.

Worst Performance by a Canadian: Mike Ricci. I’d like to say Francis Carmont because he was so dominant positionally during his fight that he should have been able to do much more than the squat he did. But this award has to go to Mike Ricci for not only having a terrible and boring fight but losing in it as well.

Best Nappy Nap Time Submission: MORE TIES! I’M MAKING A MOCKERY OF THE ‘BEST OF’ FORMAT! But what can I say, there were two sick ass sleeper subs on this card – Mitch Gagnon put Dustin Kimura to sleep and of course Brendan Schaub got his little FU to the BJJ community that disowned him after his Metamoris match by d’arcing Meathead Mitrione.

(gifs via the Zombie Prophet)