It’s extremely rare that we here at Fightlinker bring you material that we didn’t rip off from other websites. That’s kinda our thing. But today, dear jackals, you are in luck! Because you get an exclusive inside look at UFC 1 … okay, just the program from UFC 1, but that’s still pretty good. You know you’re reading Fightlinker when you see “primary source material” that is in itself derivative of a derivative of actual event. Sure, this may be a slight ripoff of a copy of the accompaniment to an event that took place almost 19 years ago, but god damnit, I took the pictures myself. That’s surely good for SOMETHING.

It seems that right before going totally bonkers while wearing a sombrero, Art “One Glove” Jimmerson decided that he wouldn’t mind some money and eBayed a stack of UFC 1 programs he had been hoarding. I bought one, and from it, I learned the following interesting facts:

  • The UFC was originally planning a ban on “repeated, intentional groin strikes,” but this rule was scratched before the event because the old UFC heads decided that they hated Joe Son just as much as we do.
  • The UFC was originally planning on having five five-minute rounds with overtime rounds “called for” if no one died before the time expired.
  • Pat Smith has 9 ½” ankles.
  • UFC 1 was sanctioned by a body called the “International Fighting Council,” whatever the f*ck that is. 
  • Jim Brown is a true champion whose tireless devotion is evident in everything he does.
  • Move over, UFC Gym: the “Official Fight Gym of the UFC” is Jones Tai-Kung Fu-Karate McDojo in Westminster, CO.
  • Ken Shamrock’s (32 ½”) and Royce Gracie’s (32”) waist sizes are only different by half an inch, and they are about half the girth of Telia Tuli’s (59”).

See pictures of all the pages in the program after the jump!